Now updated for the Gen Z crowd

We might be well into the 21st century but one thing doesn’t change—teenage angst.

Those of a certain age may remember reading the best-selling book by Adrian Tan or watching the movie about four teenagers navigating love and relationships as they attend junior college.

Well, things are still complicated for protagonist Mui Ee in Mediacorp’s first print-to-screen adaptation Teenage Textbook – The Series, now updated for the social media-obsessed Gen Zers. 


The reboot follows the 17-year-old teenager played by Ong Yi Xuan as she tries to follow life’s ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ for a successful career—to specialise in a polytechnic course, score an ideal internship, and establish herself in a prestigious company.


She is surrounded by friends Sissy (Tan Yi Xin) who is a social media influencer, Kai (Gavin Teo) and Sean (Krish Natarajan) in this chapter of her life. 


However, a series of dramatic teen-hood incidents threatens to derail her dreams. Her boyfriend Tom (Chris Mak in his acting debut) is talented and handsome but many temptations come his way which threaten to tear him and Mui Ee apart.

It doesn’t help that her father, played by Tay Ping Hui, is on an obsessive quest to turn an outdated teen self-help book into an app.


Also look out for respected veterans like Keagan Kang, Amy Cheng, Darren Lim and even a cameo by Randall Tan (the original Tom in the movie).

Teenage Textbook – The Series airs from Mar 2 every Tuesday on meWATCH and Channel 5 at 9.30pm.