Paying tribute to titles such as I Not Stupid, 12 Storeys and more

Quintessential local flicks like I Not Stupid and 12 Storeys often evoke a sense of nostalgia among Singaporeans. And as Netflix releases these films alongside 104 other Singapore-made shows on its platform, the streaming giant has partnered with students from Lasalle College of the Arts to reimagine the artworks of these classic titles.

The youths were invited to interview seniors who shared memories and anecdotes of the local stories before recreating the posters. As seen below, a total of five creations have been shortlisted and featured on Netflix Singapore’s Instagram page.

I Not Stupid by Daphne Cheong

Student Daphne Cheong took to discussing the 2002 Jack Neo comedy with her parents, and found that expectations was a recurring theme. She was inspired to alter the typical local high voltage poster with the phrase "Danger, High Expectations" and streak the title of the movie in graffiti across the front.

Growing Up by Brigitta Phylicia and Inez Prawiradirdja

Meanwhile, Growing Up has been given a new lease of life with a tiffin carrier design, a nod to Singapore’s longest-running homegrown English drama, and the show's Tay family that dines together frequently. 

Phua Chu Kang by Ariba Betari Pramesti and Nicole Barros Leao

As Gurmit Singh reprises his role for a Covid-19 musical number, design students Ariba Betari Pramesti and Nicole Barros Leao rethinks this character and its continued cultural relevance; 12 Storeys go big on perspectives.

12 Storeys by Tan Kylyn

Best of Under One Roof by Casimir Simon, Chee Yang Han, Marcus Ian and Tan Wei Jie

Finally, the new Under One Roof spotlights the significance of communal living spaces, with a television setting that’s less popular among the younger generation.

The new artworks by the Lasalle College of the Arts students are now featured on Netflix Singapore’s Instagram page here.