Get to interact with performers, head backstage after productions and more

The corporeal nature and allure of traditional theatrical experiences may have been what prevented arts productions from heading into the digital realm, but new online platform The Future Stage is about to change all that.

A result of the collaborative effort between Sight Lines Entertainment, playwright and director Chong Tze Chien as well as live streaming start-up Xctuality, The Future Stage has managed to pioneer an immersive, interactive virtual venue capitalising on virtual reality technology and 360-degree streaming in order to create a first-of-its-kind digital stage.

Since it may not make economic sense for theatre troupes to head back into physical spaces even as government measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 eases, The Future Stage will be able to cater to companies staging performances and as audiences continuing to stay home.

Able to encapsulate the elements of a traditional theatre, expect plenty from this new platform. Not only can you discover all your favourite performers from wherever you are, you can also toggle between a variety of angles on the virtual stage, something that has been missing from Zoom productions and even those filmed, archival works on YouTube.

There is also Xctuality’s capability of customising streaming with the option for choice-based narratives and the possibility of organising talkback sessions backstage by directors and crew. Meanwhile, audiences can readily stroll through the hosting venue, visit performers in dressing rooms and even live chat with front-of-house managers. Pre-show entertainment can be planned accordingly too.

Currently utilising VR and 360-degree cameras, there is also the option of implementing augmented reality in the future.

With such technology in place, theatre companies can choose to run purely virtual seasons, offer both if the physical venue is sold-out or just transform their works online for more to enjoy. The possibilities are truly endless thanks to budding and brand new mechanics, by experienced, homegrown talents no less.

We're hoping our favourite theatre troupes will soon adopt this technology, so we may catch comedies, musicals, dramas and so much more, while still being in the safety and comforts of home.

More information about The Future Stage available here.