Find 8 gripping films at the first-ever Nordic Film Festival this September

You’d be mistaken if you thought that the film festival season has passed, as this Sep 6-22, everyone’s favourite arthouse cinema, The Projector, will be presenting the first-ever Nordic Film Festival in Singapore.

Encompassing a variety of movies from Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, a grand total of eight films will be screened—although it appears as if none from Iceland made the cut. Nonetheless, enjoy an enthralling cinematic experience as the films to be showcased promises a peek into life in the High North.

Hevi Reissu (Finland)

Opening Nordic Film Festival 2019 is Hevi Reissu (Heavy Trip), an offbeat Finnish comedy which sees musician Turo stuck in a small town where the only good thing going for him is being the lead vocalist of his amateur metal band, Impaled Rektum. The band, who have never played a single gig in their entire 12 years of practicing, is suddenly given a chance by the promoter of a prominent heavy metal music festival. Knowing it’s either now or never, the guys steal a van, a corpse and also a new drummer, and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Opens Sep 6

Borg vs. McEnroe (Sweden)

A sports movie depicting the real-life lead-up and encounter of one of the greatest tennis matches ever-played, Borg vs. McEnroe explores the life of top tennis player Bjorn Borg in the summer of 1980, looking to win his fifth Wimbledon championship and about to face-off with brash American John McEnroe. Opens Sep 7

Kollektivet (Denmark)

From acclaimed Danish director Thomas Vinterberg comes Kollektivet (The Commune), a film set in Copenhagen in the ‘70s, about an academic couple who seeks to discover the trend of communal living. Having assembled a diverse lot, they live a collective dream with parties, dinners and house meetings, until a love affair riles up the community that has been painstakingly built. Opens Sep 7 

Hva Vil Folk Si (Norway)

A perfect Pakistani daughter at home and a regular Norweigian teen outside, Nisha’s world collapses when her father catches her alone with her boyfriend. To avoid the judgement of the Pakistani community in Norway, she is sent to live with her extended family in Pakistan, and is forced to adapt to a rigid culture that is a vast contrast to her life in Norway. Opens Sep 8

Den 12. Mann (Norway)

This war hero film tells the story of Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud, who makes his way through Scandinavia after narrowly escaping a botched anti-Nazi sabotage mission which left 11 of his comrades dead. Opens Sep 13

Ilosia Aikoja, Mielensapahoittaja (Finland)

Anticipating his own death, tired and elderly farmer The Grump is almost done constructing his coffin, when a surprise visit from his 17 year-old granddaughter changes his mind and provides him with the much-needed will to live, besides carrying the secret that led to her arrival. Opens Sep 14

Unga Astrid (Sweden)

Unga Astrid (Becoming Astrid) is the biopic of celebrated children’s author, Astrid Lindgren, who wrote the popular Pippi Longstocking series. As she reminisces her youth, she recalls a series of events, including a self-imposed exile from Stockholm when she became an unwed mother. Opens Sep 14

Charmoren (Denmark)

Handsome Iranian immigrant Esmail living in Denmark heads to the same wine bar nearly every night, in hopes of finding a Danish partner to avoid facing deportation. And while he’s soon met by a captivating young woman, some unfinished business from his past catches up to him and threatens his future. Opens Sep 15

Nordic Film Festival 2019 runs from Sep 6-22 at The Projector. More information available here.