Happening in conjunction with SAW’s Light to Night Festival

There are still weeks left to go before the next Singapore Art Week (SAW) arrives, and the list of available programmes continue to expand.

Happening in conjunction with SAW’s Light to Night Festival is The Arts House’s Prologue 2020, which will run throughout the month of January. Particularly inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino’s ambitious novel Invisible Cities, the formidable arts association will turn their homeground into an intimate gathering of multidisciplinary performances, installations and interactive activities.

With so many highlights ahead, we’ve narrowed down a couple that you won’t want to miss. First, there’s the exciting A Novel Idea: Of Mice and Men Vs The Handmaid’s Tale, where the audience will get to cast their vote and decide between the condensed reading of the two literary classics. Then, check out performance Goddesses of Words Work-In-Progress Showcase. A second instalment to Goddesses of Words, this presents an ensemble of prominent local Indian actresses offering their voices in response to the words of local poets Pooja Nansi and Deborah Emmanuel.

And in a heartfelt tribute to famed classical musician Beethoven, find two special events; By Candlelight: Beethoven’s Fidelio–which celebrates the 250th birthday of composer Ludwig van Beethoven with a special one-hour version of Beethoven’s only opera by a cast of local singers–and a special listening party that’ll take you through the key works of the acclaimed musician.

While you’re at The Arts House, be sure to check out Justice for All by Yinka Shonibare CBE, RA, too. This new site-specific installation by British-Nigerian contemporary artist Yinka Shonibare CBE is inspired by the architecture and history of The Chamber at The Arts House, and is expected to dazzle us all.

The Arts House’s Prologue 2020 runs throughout the month of January. Find information on events and dates here.