Find street art installations, murals and drawing exhibitions too

Always delivering on their promise of bringing art and fun to various local districts is Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN). This time, the National Arts Council initiative is heading to Bukit Panjang from Mar 12-29, with an array of multi-cultural arts experiences in tow.

Over 40 different events are happening and nearly half of them inspired by the neighbourhood itself. The programmes will take place across eight different spots in Bukit Panjang, including some lesser-known places like Pang Sua Pond and Bukit Panjang Khek Community Guild Building. As the activities are slated to happen at these unconventional locations, residents along with the public are given the opportunity to rediscover the area through arts and heritage.

Back of the Bus (Credit: Tim Whittaker)

Be sure to check out Back of the Bus, where you’ll share a bus ride with contemporary dancers from Java Dance Theatre together with other local dance professionals. Throughout your journey, be entertained by an invigorating crew as they perform a unique dance theatre show that's debuting in Singapore following sold-out shows at arts festivals worldwide.

Then contribute stories with your loved ones at Podscape by Shophouse & Co. A pop-up recording and broadcast booth will be erected to give residents a chance to record something interesting, before it gets overlaid with soundscapes from the neighbourhood and released as podcast episodes.

Also look forward to Character Clash by Band of Doodlers, as budding artists and illustrators will put their skills to the test in a live drawing competition and exhibition. Also, get to explore outdoor spaces and embrace the unknown with The Outer Space curated by Zero, where various areas in the west side of Singapore play host to murals and site-specific street art installations created in collaboration with the residents.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also find literary-related events held in conjunction with the #BuySingLit movement to celebrate Singapore’s literary scene, such as with an experiential floral installation inspired by SingLit texts and a book bazaar where you may grab local published prose.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood will head to Bukit Panjang this Mar 12-29. More information available here.