The travelling Nat Geo showcase comprises over 70 poignant images and more

If you’ve been sorely missing all the well-conceived exhibitions at the stately ArtScience Museum, then you’re in luck. As galleries and museums reopen islandwide this Phase 2, the ArtScience Museum is now hosting its very first exhibition since the circuit breaker period, and it’ll be one that’s presented together with National Geographic.

Having shared many remarkable stories about our Earth through striking imagery and more, expect the National Geographic to continue doing so as it opens Planet or Plastic? at the landmark attraction from now till Mar 28, 2021.

Photograph by Justin Hofman, showcased at Planet or Plastic? exhibition

Browse over 70 profound images displayed in six thematic sections through the showcase which highlights the fragility of our world’s natural environment, as well as how it is being impacted by plastic pollution. Since the presentation aims to raise awareness about our society’s dependence on plastic by visually depicting the global plastic waste crisis, also understand the devastating effects of plastic waste on Earth’s oceans through narratives chronicling the evolution of plastic.

Interactive Space at Planet or Plastic (Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

Within the galleries, the ArtScience Museum has also created an educational Interactive Space designed for visitors of all ages. The section encourages patrons to reflect on their consumption of plastic and includes a special focus on how Covid-19 has increased our consumption of single-use plastic which creates new environmental challenges. At the same time, the interactive elements do respond to the current pandemic measures. Instead of using hands to navigate the interactive stations, visitors will be able to use their feet.

Section 6 at Planet or Plastic - Choosing Planet Over Plastic (Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

But that’s not all. To complement the message presented in the sustainability showcase, the ArtScience Museum has developed a series of programmes including workshops, film screenings, online events and community activities too. One of the main highlights is in fact a beach clean-up, where members of the public are encouraged to do their part for Mother Earth by removing plastic waste from Singapore’s shores.

Additionally, look forward to checking out ArtScience On Screen: Earth Watch, a series of film screenings that depict humanity’s troubling relationship with the planet. Or check out You’re Safe Until 2024: Deep History, that takes viewers through the massive environmental changes around the world.

So make a choice people. Will you be choosing planet or plastic the next time you're forced with a decision to make?

Planet or Plastic? runs from now till Mar 28, 2021 at the ArtScience Museum. More information available here.