Take self-portrait shots and check out art using a digital social wall

It’s pretty ironic how little attention is paid to City Hall, one of Singapore’s most prominent monuments. But perhaps it’ll see some interest now, as the National Gallery Singapore has dedicated a two-year exhibition (ending 2021) to the building, in an effort to reveal some interesting but lesser-known stories about it.

A three-part multimedia exhibition, City Hall: If Walls Could Talk is held in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, spotlighting pivotal moments in Singapore’s history. First, enter the City Hall Chamber and capture a self-portrait at some available photo stations, which you can later download using a QR code. Then, be guided on a multi-sensory, interactive tour of City Hall (previously the Municipal Building) by the virtual Encik Awang, a character who’s inspired by an actual building caretaker. Be amazed at the building’s transformation while picking up interesting facts about it at the same time.

Next, head over to a newly-erected digital Social Wall, just outside the Chamber. The large, touch-sensitive screen is a solid, interactive display, which is all yours to try. Simply select an option from the seven available themes (e.g. Places and Landscape) for a presentation of artworks you can then visit within the gallery, as well as information about them. Or, ask to be surprised, and answer a couple of general questions, for the Social Wall to provide suggestions of art pieces to check out.

Lastly, find visual displays at the Singapore Courtyard, where Memories of City Hall awaits, an archive about stories and memories of those who worked in City Hall during the ‘60s-’80s. You’ll also get to leave your mark on the exhibit, if you choose to participate in a Q&A display that’s part of Memories.

The next time you're in the City Hall area, just pop over to the National Gallery to learn a thing or two about the space that holds much of Singapore’s history, packaged in an all-new immersive experience to keep things fresh and interesting.

Visit City Hall: If Walls Could Talk from now till Aug 29, 2021; Memories of City Hall ends Dec 29, 2019. General admission price applies. More information available here.