Make your own functional artwork that can double as coasters, dishes, cheese boards, even coffee tables and much more

The pandemic has birthed a renaissance of home hobbies – from baking and crocheting to yoga and plant therapy, just to name a few. We were pottering around at home for a long while, after all.

And if that’s where we’re going to hang more often from now on, we might as well find ways to reinvent ourselves and make our space extra pretty. To that end, here’s a new hobby you should definitely try: resin pouring.



This fluid painting technique simply requires us to pour a resin-paint mixture onto a surface of choice, then mixing it in for a personalised swirl. The paint lends its pearly sheen from resin, which is an industrial compound often used as an adhesive or for surface coatings. Just remember to ensure the right paint to pouring medium ratio, and to be adequately prepared for some mess.

To not have to worry about stains and such, just head to a resin pouring workshop and let your Picasso senses fly freely – without any post-session cleaning responsibilities.



Take for instance the 1.5-hour Resin Crystal Cheeseboard Workshop at Room To Imagine. Perfect for beginners, the class lets you learn the basics of resin art and experiment with materials like real raw crystals, natural stones, and colour pigments.



There, you’ll find all the materials you need for a food-safe resin cheeseboard: from plastic cups and palette knives to mixing sticks and other essential tools. The course even includes a complimentary courier delivery for your finished piece after the class.



At Room To Imagine, you can create decorative pieces that not only make your space look good, but double up as functional resin art pieces such as coasters, clocks, and coffee tables. Besides creating your own stunning work, you can also purchase beautiful pieces from their curated collection on the shelves.


For more information on Room To Imagine and their exciting experiences, visit their website here.