Plus other interesting exhibits and talks to check out this month

Deck may be known for being the hipster backdrop to many Instagram shots and host to cool parties, but the locale is a lot more than that. The art photography space typically holds exhibitions and gathers artists together for discussions about their passion too.

Back with their Undescribed series, the annual platform for emerging artists will once again present new ways of approaching photography and moving images within the field of art.

So expect Undescribed #5 to see works that challenge and rethink current image-making practices. This year’s selection of budding talents include Singaporean artist Chong Lii whose works explore the possibility of merging or levelling disparate spaces, objects, people, and images; London and Singapore-based artist Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee who navigates the nuances and intricacies that arise from history and memory through her art; as well as Pauline Schwenck and Jonathan Tan, both of whom are collaborators on a series named Rhizome, which explores the notion of sexuality as a taboo subject in Singapore.

But if you think that’s all that’s happening at Deck this month, you’d be mistaken. The venue has also been hosting, and will continue to host Print Room: Speak Softly. Speak Low. by Liana Yang, that explores contemporary romance and social economies. An unlikely match if you ask us, but we’re sure she makes it work. Plus, the artist will also be involved in a panel discussion where she’ll share about her earlier, more provocative works, besides her recent explorations.

Just check out some of the artworks below, so you know what to expect when you head down.

Chong Lii: Beyond A Chamber That Externalises All The Time or Séance (2019)

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee: The unsusual powers of disposing (2019) 

Sean Cham: Plot of Land (2019) 

Dave Lim: Complicity Eroding the City (2019)

Undescribed #5 will be held at Deck from now till Mar 15, while Print Room: Speak Softly. Speak Low. by Liana Yang runs till Mar 31. More information available here.