Plus one that grapples with dreams and reality

We all know a little something about dealing with loss. While it's oftentimes a sensitive topic, it shouldn't be something we shy away from.

This coming Mar 25-Apr 26, re-examine and explore what you know through a series of compelling local productions at the Esplanade, with The Studios 2020—Lost and Found.

In it are works like Lost Cinema 20/20, an Esplanade commission, where cinematographer Brian Gothong Tan posits that dreams are the cinema of our subconscious. Drawing connections between filmmaking and the nature of dreams, this particular piece is a conversation about how certain narratives can meld imagination and reality.

The performing arts venue and organisation has also worked closely with Teater Ekamatra and Checkpoint Theatre to produce productions such as Johnny Jon Jon’s Punggah and The Heart Comes to Mind by Lucas Ho. Both of these touch on the heavy topic of death and how reconciliation and redemption takes place after. The former tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a palliative care nurse and a filial man trying to fulfil his dying mother’s last request, while the latter spotlights the relationship between an aging writer and his scientist daughter. 

But Lost & Found also wants to remind us that loss isn’t the only defining factor. What comes after the pain and suffering, is perhaps, hope. So take it to the theatres on the bay, to consider the interesting stories, and witness the light at the end of the tunnel.

Esplanade’s The Studios 2020 runs from Mar 25-Apr 26. More information available here.