Watch paint dance and stretch beyond your imagination as they spin to your tune on custom-made tables

Express yourself and flaunt your very own creative act with Spin Paint House. A brand new experience by the people behind Splat Paint House, take on the canvas with nothing but your own imagination and energy.



Advocating fun and unbridled expression, they present opportunities for us to go wild with paint and simply immerse in each session’s precious moments.

The disorganised and chaotic beauty at the end of each composition makes every canvas a unique experience and that much more precious.



Perfect for the current climate, attempt your own Spin Art masterpiece on custom-made tables at one of their private booths. Additional tools like swinging trapezes and pendulums are also at hand to experiment with – all for you to achieve that truly special one-of-a-kind paint demonstration.

So head over for an unforgettable art jamming session; where you get to watch paint spin, where the whimsical unknown is all that matters.


For more information on Spin Paint House, check out their Instagram page or visit their website here.