Minus the boring history lesson

A couple of newly-opened heritage galleries, all dotting our sunny island, is now here so you can relive fond memories of your school excursions. Launched under the National Heritage Board is the Our SG Heritage Plan, which will introduce four different galleries, displaying important exhibits relating to Singapore’s key cultures and their respective historical regions.

Two of the galleries, the Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery and Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery, are now open, while the Eurasian Heritage Gallery is nearing completion. Although details about the fourth museum have yet to be released, it won’t take a genius to figure out what the final piece of the puzzle may be—unless NHB decides to throw us a curveball. Here's a preview of the three we currently know about.

Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery

Image credit: National Heritage Board

The first of the four to have opened, Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery officially began welcoming visitors earlier this year, Jan 26, at its new home located within Wisma Geylang Serai. Divided into three main sections for easy digestion, Making of Geylang Serai relates the history of the district, which was once a lemongrass and citronella plantation, as well as its subsequent transformation into a modern residential estate. There is also Living in Geylang Serai that focuses on its present state, and Our Geylang Serai: Community and Heritage, which shares the local Malay community’s experiences and memories through photographs, oral recordings, novels, poetry and more. 

Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery

Image credit: National Heritage Board

This intimate 100sqm gallery located at the Kreta Ayer Community Club contains an unsuspecting total of 123 artefacts associated with the Chinese culture, including Chinese opera-related paraphernalia, traditional Chinese musical instruments and calligraphy artworks. To cater to the young-at-heart, interactive elements have been incorporated into the gallery; get to try your hand at calligraphy (with black ink that dries invisibly so don’t worry if you mess up) and create tunes with musical instruments in the form of tablets.

Eurasian Heritage Gallery

One of the smallest ethnic groups in Singapore now holds one of the larger gallery spaces in this list. Get to learn about the family lines of real-life Eurasians through their family trees; neighbourhoods frequently inhabited by the Eurasians; and even how their heritage inspired their gastronomy and dressing—all at the Eurasian Community House. The gallery will also spotlight the stories of patriotic World War 2 Eurasian heroes, to inspire hope among visitors. Due to open in late September, the Eurasian Heritage Gallery is close to completion; it's just awaiting some final touches.