A timely reminder of what makes this place home

Growing up in Singapore may seem like an ordinary, familiar experience for most locals, but see if looking at it from a new perspective will change your mind. ‘Cause from now till Aug 29, the National Museum of Singapore will be presenting Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present, a showcase that explores Singapore’s past and present.

A collaboration between the National Museum as well as The Straits Times, the exhibition actually sought help from the public to attain (and feature) photographs along with artefacts to highlight valuable moments in Singapore’s history which express our identity and collective memory. Home, Truly even received input from over 100 local participants, which aided in the assembly of the exhibition—from surfacing stories and experiences to the actual presentation itself.


Navigate five key chapters in the showcase, including Laying The Foundations, Moving In, Living Together, Open Doors and Sturdy through Storms. The former two focus on nation building; while Living Together and Open Doors take a look at campaigns and stories of Singapore’s multicultural past respectively.


Finally, Sturdy through Storms sees how Singapore has withstood the test of time through all-too-familiar crises and challenges like the withdrawal of the British military, financial crises and SARS. In fact, this section now includes a special feature on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, displaying artistic works, photos and artefacts, including contributions from the National Museum’s Collecting Contemporary Singapore: Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore Open Call.

With over 80 objects from the National Collection that showcase the lived experiences of our people, alongside 200 photographs on physical and digital platforms; Home, Truly will indeed remind you of what makes this little red dot home.

Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present runs from now till Aug 29 at the National Museum of Singapore. More information available here.