See how a local shophouse gets transformed into a village

If you’ve always wanted to be thoroughly immersed in a theatre production that tickles all your senses, not unlike the award-winning Sleep No More by Punchdrunk, here’s a brand new play to catch.

This Mar 1-Apr 20, travel back in time to the 1930s, at the height of The Great Depression through Hurstville: The Heir, as creative folks Underground’s newest and largest production yet transforms a four-storey Chinatown shophouse into the titular village, welcoming visitors to discover the “haven” amidst the economic downturn.

The storyline isn’t set in stone to allow improvisation and interesting interactions to unfold, but here’s what we know. In the ‘30s, The Great Depression has befallen most villages, yet the town of Hurstville remains steadfast. Hushed whispers come and go; but no one dares question or think of the insinuations, in fear of losing what good they have. And for a new family, things may change for the better or worse. Either way, the ending lies in your hands.

Get to uncover the mysteries and secrets of the quaint village by exploring the space, and following over 20 different characters over the course of one evening. Each character has their own unique path too, with stories just waiting to be told—some with an urgent social message even. And if you’re so inclined, opt to enjoy a thematic, three-course banquet dinner within the village as well. Besides, all guests will receive a drink; so go ahead and toast to a new and intriguing experience.

Hurstville: The Heir will run from Mar 1-Apr 20 at 265 South Bridge Rd. Tickets start from $85. More information available here.