Watch a bachelorette party go awry at this new show coming end-September

For just four days this September, be sure to catch an original production by an all-new, crowdfunded local theatre company, The Haque Collective, as they’ll be staging their very first play at arts space Centre 42. Founded by the team behind local acting school Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity (HCAC) whose notable alumni include Crazy Rich Asian’s Henry Golding, the theatre group is debuting with The Jugular Vein, which stars and focuses on a diverse cast of women.

A dark comedy, The Jugular Vein revolves around four female friends who are trying to enjoy a hen’s night, although problems keep arising, causing tension and aggression to develop over the course of the evening. And to make matters worse, the women believe that their spouses who are partying abroad might have met with an accident.

, Watch a bachelorette party go awry at this new show coming end-September

It’s important not to brush the play off as a “female comedy”, for it’s so much more than that. Not only are its cast of female characters unique and diverse, the play also delves into the intricacies of friendships, our socio-cultural environment, and the ways in which we cope with difficult situations.

There’s always a lot to be proven when a new theatre company stages its first show, but The Haque Collective is making all the right moves with The Jugular Vein. Written by award-winning screenwriter James Thoo and directed by the collective’s artistic director Kamil Haque—who’s a member of famed U.S. acting association The Actors Studio—this production is a must-watch during the F1 weekend.

The Jugular Vein will be showing from Sep 19-22 at Centre 42. Tickets and more information here.