Look out for new programmes alongside all-time favourite light projections

A marquee event of the annual Singapore Art Week, the beloved Light to Night Festival is not to be missed. So although you might have already heard of its return, do you actually know what to expect when it happens from Jan 22-31?

As the first-ever hybrid or phygital edition of the fiesta, Light to Night Festival 2021 invites the public to create shared memories through art experiences by local artists within the Civic District and beyond. That also means the elusive theme of ____-in-Progress will challenge audiences to forge deeper personal connections with art and uncover what progress means for them during these unprecedented times.


First, you’ll want to pop by the Asian Civilisations Museum to check out a series of onsite and online installations, workshops, tours and talks that celebrate the progress made during these extraordinary times, and imagine possibilities for a new future. Highlights include Ways of Seeing by Zarch Collaboratives, an onsite installation that allows visitors to interact with a structure of a giant telescope to view one's surroundings through new lenses.


Then, head down to open books: I Want To Go Home by The Arts House. This year’s edition of The Arts House’s signature programme draws inspiration from writer Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s work of the same name. It will also present an immersive, multi-sensory exhibit co-curated and designed by Mural Lingo and The Arts House that touches on the idea of strength and resilience, and how love may manifest during a crisis.

But don’t forget to check out All Things New by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay too, as artists embark on new chapters of their musical journey at the arts venue. Participating artistes include new local musicians such as indie band Burmese Bombshells and local pop duo The Fleurists, besides established acts like R&B and soul-inspired band Astronauts.


Now of course the most well-known feature of Art Skins on Monuments will return alongside the festival, and this year’s edition will spotlight a greater participation of local talents. Artworks include (Re)rooting by Joanne Ho which will adorn the entire facade of the National Gallery, while elsewhere in the Civic District will showcase designs by students projected onto the facades of the Asian Civilisations Museum, The Arts House, and the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.


That's not all. If you aren’t able to head down to the Civic District, you can still enjoy the fun at home among family and friends. Head over to the microsite and discover activities including the Augmented Reality: National Collection Comes Alive that gives you a chance to project your favourite paintings in the National Collection onto your bedroom wall thanks to AR technology.

At the same time, feel free to interact with these AR animations via Light to Night Festival’s social media channels and the festival microsite.

So head down to the festival anytime during the weekend or learn more about the 2021 edition here. Trust us when we say there’s going to be plenty of programmes to be enjoyed.

Light to Night Festival 2021 happens from Jan 22-31 online and at the Civic District. More information available here.