Go on an art jam beyond the confines of a cafe

Now that art jamming has pretty much gone mainstream, why not sketch and appreciate art at more unconventional locations around Singapore (and beyond), with My Art Space’s Capture Singapore Art Excursions.

For almost an entire day, the art collective’s Nostalgic Ubin Island Art Excursion will take you on a trip to visit Singapore’s last remaining fishing village at Pulau Ubin, where you can check out the old village site, the jetty, the shore, as well as a mangrove swamp. You’ll even get to peek into a Malay kampong and immortalise these interesting spots on canvas, with the help of a local artist that doubles as your tour guide.

A bumboat ride and local transportation on Ubin island (as well as art materials) will also be provided and arranged entirely by My Art Space, so you need not bring anything but your artistic skills.

If you prefer to stay within the heart of Singapore, you can also choose to go on a Singapore River Heritage Art Excursion instead. Location hop from Marina Bay to Boat Quay, visit the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, as well as the National Gallery Singapore as you sketch some of the most iconic places in Singapore’s Civic District. About four hours long, this tour will be conducted by a local artist and materials will be provided.

Priced at $148 for the Nostalgic Ubin Island Art Excursion and $98 for the Singapore River Heritage Art Excursion, we do admit that the art tours aren’t as wallet-friendly as we’d like. But for an all-inclusive art excursion that allows you to explore Singapore from a brand new perspective, both sessions are well-worth the moolah.

The Nostalgic Ubin Island Art Excursion ($148) and Singapore River Heritage Art Excursion ($98) runs every Friday from now till Jan 17, 2020 and every Saturday from now till Jan 18, 2020 respectively. More information available here.