Check out portraits and ink art at the National Gallery’s first photography exhibition

Put aside Instagram for a hot minute; a brand new exhibition featuring ol’ school photography in all its glory opens this Dec 6-Jun 28, 2020. Chua Soo Bin: Truths & Legends will showcase close to 100 photographic works alongside archival materials that charts local photographer Chua Soo Bin’s decades-spanning career.

Known for his ability to tell riveting stories through images, expect to see Chua’s portrait photographs, some of which are considered to be pivotal works during the development of photography in Singapore. The Legends series, which earned him the Cultural Medallion back in ‘89, exhibits portraits of 14 Chinese ink masters such as Ye Qianyu, Lu Yanshao and Singaporean ink artist, Chen Wen Hsi.

, Check out portraits and ink art at the National Gallery’s first photography exhibition

Apart from portrait works, look forward to candid and informal photographs of modern Chinese ink artist Wu Guanzhong, captured by Chua over two entire decades. These pictures reveal the various aspects of Wu’s life; from the sketchings to his personality as well as his familial bonds.

There will also be a section that touches on some aspects of Chua’s life, including his early years working in advertising and his contributions to the local art scene. In addition to his pieces, visitors can view a short documentary about the photographer to learn about his artistic practices and processes.

So have a peek through the famed photographer’s lenses and you just might walk away from the National Gallery Singapore’s first photo exhibition with a better understanding of the artform.

Chua Soo Bin: Truths & Legends runs from Dec 6-Jun 28, 2020 at the National Gallery Singapore. General admission applies; more information available here.