Wish the art museum a happy birthday online or in person

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but our country’s beloved National Gallery Singapore is now in its fifth year of making art more accessible to local residents. To celebrate the monumental moment of turning half a decade older, the modern museum will be dishing out a whole slew of exciting activities for all to participate in, from now till Jan 2021.

The main highlight is undoubtedly Art Through Your Eyes, where Singaporeans are invited to pen their personal interpretations of artworks in the Gallery. From Nov 3, approximately 100 works in the museum’s long-term exhibitions and public spaces will feature additional artwork labels (next to the museum’s labels) that spotlight the lived experiences of people from all walks of life, including seniors, children, people with special needs, artists in Singapore and even the Gallery’s security staff. These fresh perspectives offer storied works of art in the museum, encouraging visitors to see and experience art in a new light.

Art Through Your Eyes - Epic Poem of Malaya by Chua Mia Tee, with interpretive label (Credit: National Gallery Singapore)

Next, Words that Count: Anniversary Edition which launches Nov 24 is a special anniversary edition of the online programme that allows anyone to build on the works of local prominent writers including Pooja Nansi and Gwee Li Sui, and turn them into personal expressions of support, comfort and encouragement for healthcare workers and the wider community amid the pandemic. The public can feel free to create and leave their messages of support online at www.galleryturns5.sg or in the Gallery’s Level 1 City Hall Foyer.

Additionally, avid foodies may be interested to tune into the Food x Art Podcast: A Story of Food, Art and Singapore. A light-hearted podcast series that marries food with art, this number is hosted by writer Shamini Flint and seeks to unite locals through food, local poetry and works in our National Collection. Listeners can check out the podcast and view the mentioned artworks here from Nov 3.

Last but not least, all Singaporeans can enjoy a free Gallery Insider Membership (now till Jan 31 2021) that really shows the gallery’s commitment to making art accessible to more audiences. Locals can sign up for a free membership (worth up to $120 in value) to enjoy unlimited access to exhibitions and discounts of up to 15 percent off shopping and dining.

With so many new and cool programmes coming to the National Gallery Singapore, simply pop by the Southeast Asian art museum to wish the locale a big ol’ happy birthday.

For more information, visit www.galleryturns5.sg.