Bootleg action figures themed after politics, porn and even memes

If you like sleazy but meaningful art, then you’ve likely heard of The Sucklord. Born Morgan Phillips, the New York pop artist has gained a cult following over the last 20 years manufacturing unlicensed action figures and toys, occasionally mashing them together— and creating subversive little resin figures the industry calls bootleg toys. Widely regarded in the underground art scene, his works often take shots at social issues and come in snarky packaging to match; The Sucklord has said they’re meant to comment on pop culture commodification and the consumer habits of compulsively shopping kidults. And for the first time, you’ll be able to see them in person (stroke them, maybe) at his inaugural solo show in Singapore.

Bootleg Toy Supervillain will take over Kult Gallery from Oct 5-Nov 10, exhibiting over 40 art toys birthed from The Sucklord’s strange, sadistic mind. On what to expect, there’ll be toys offering commentary on themes like food, pornography, politics and celebrities, with splashes of parodic content about meme culture, online dating and even Lady Gaga. A self-proclaimed Star Wars fan, The Sucklord also has his own versions of the intergalactic collectibles; so keep your eyes peeled for one of his most recent creations: a neon pink Stormtrooper named the Homotrooper Bootleg.

Collectors' Fist

Dark Lord

The Greatest


Indian Astrologer

For potentially less offensive goodies, pick up The Sucklord branded merchandise that include tees, stickers and pins. There will also be a DIY mask station where you can customize your own villain mask, plus an arcade machine of bootleg games by new media artist Igor Hoogerwoord to play. In addition, the artist has collaborated with four regional artists—Daniel Yu (Singapore), Kabuki Master (Thailand), Quiccs (Philippines) and Kult’s own Mojoko (Singapore)—who were sent surprise grab bags of resin toy parts from his studio in Chinatown, Manhattan. Using these, they’ve made original action figures of their own that will also be for sale during the exhibition.

If you’d like to meet the man himself, he’ll be chairing a dialogue session on bootleg art and its propensity for commentary on Oct 6, along with a mini masterclass on the burgeoning art form for interested up-and-coming local toymakers. You’ll want to bring money and an open mind.

Bootleg Toy Supervillain runs from Oct 5-Nov 10 at Kult Gallery, 11 Upper Wilkie Rd. Admission is free. More information here.