Pangdemonium returns with a splash to stage crude yet comical musical Urinetown

In celebration of satirical musical comedy Urinetown’s 20th anniversary, local theatre company Pangdemonium will be staging Greg Kotis’ iconic, Tony Award-winning play from Sep 27-Oct 13, bringing their 2019 production season to a close.

Seeing a very different idea of a “bathroom bill”, Urinetown: The Musical is set in a fictional town that has been proclaimed to be the most expensive city in the world. And as the city navigates a cross-border water crisis, the government imposes a ban on all private lavatories, leaving the residents with the only option of using pay-per-use toilets ran by megacorporation Urine Good Company and its megalomaniac owner, Caldwell B Cladwell. In fact, any act of public urination and law-breaking will see the citizens exiled to the ominous Urinetown.

But another toilet fee hike is upon the town’s people, who are already struggling to pay exorbitant fees and dealing with long, snaking toilet queues. When young, handsome and plucky Bobby Strong finds himself leading a protest with intentions of revolutionising the city, things begin to complicate as he falls in love with none other than Cladwell’s daughter.

Find out what further transpires as a great cast of talents, including the theatre’s co-founder and local actor Adrian Pang, brings it to life. Urinetown: The Musical is also directed by its other co-founder, Tracie Pang. 

A musical that ridicules the concept of capitalism, corporate corruption, politicians and everything else in-between, Urinetown’s premise is one we can all easily relate to (despite the show’s comical name), making it one to catch this September.

Urinetown: The Musical is showing from Sep 27-Oct 13. Tickets and more information here.