Warning: graphic content ahead

Those with an inclination toward all things grotesque and morbid will be thrilled with The Parkview Museum's new contemporary art exhibition. From now till Feb 8, 2020, revel in the dark fantasia that is Disturbing Narratives, which encompasses an estimated total of 60 art pieces, including installations, videos and paintings.

The third in a series of thematic exhibitions, Disturbing Narratives will definitely call to mind movies like Chucky or any of Tim Burton’s creepy-cute live-action and animated films. Walls of the museum are decorated with pictorials of strange faces, some of which are digitally-made hybrids of various human faces; paint splatters mimicking blood splashes and even sinister-looking dolls.

The exhibition is larger than it lets on. There’s even a labyrinth within the museum, conceptualised to resemble a basement, where you can discover sculptures characterising torture and pain, by Spanish artist Bernardi Roig.

You won’t find homogeneity here either. Chaos and gore are offered instead, as disturbing elements run wild and free in this exhibition. Consider yourself warned, Disturbing Narratives is not one for the faint of heart.

Disturbing Narratives is held at The Parkview Museum from now till Feb 8, 2020. More info here.