View the works of over 170 artists thanks to this massive, collaborative effort

From going digital to rethinking the entire creative sector, the local arts scene is actively enriching the lives of Singaporeans in more ways than one.

And now, watch as a brand new series of exhibitions and programmes by 12 local art institutions, independent art spaces and collectives open from now till February 2021 to support both the arts community and audiences as they move forward in the time of a pandemic.

Titled Proposals for Novel Ways of Being, the initiative is of unprecedented scale and scope. Not only does it feature the works of over 170 local artists and cultural workers, it also offers a range of art programmes for Singaporeans to process their experience of the current pandemic and draw inspiration to imagine new possibilities for the future.

So expect to see all your favourite museums, art spaces and galleries come together to present this series, as the National Gallery Singapore; National Museum of Singapore; Singapore Art Museum; The Substation as well as the STPI get involved alongside the ADM Gallery; NTU School of Art, Design and Media; Coda Culture; Grey Projects and more.

after life, reverse rituals by Fajrina Razak

First, look forward to checking out The Substation’s we are not going back, we are coming around that engages practitioners from different fields in the arts while fostering inclusivity through talks, workshops and sharing sessions. Next, head over to the National Gallery Singapore as it presents An Exercise of Meaning in a Glitch Season which invites visitors to collectively reflect and imagine new ways of thinking and working towards a more human future through immersive mixed media installations, sound and movement performances, and site-specific artistic interventions.

Image courtesy of the Singapore Art Museum

If you’ve gravely missed the Singapore Art Museum since their venues have been under construction for some time now, then don’t forget to view Time Passes, which is hosted within the National Gallery as it explores the passage of time, and ways of caretaking and living in a world changed by the pandemic in true SAM fashion.

Meanwhile, the National Museum of Singapore’s #NEVERBEFORESG showcases a series of digital artworks by multiple artists who look at the states of mind during this crisis.

Han Sai Por, Penetration, 2013. Produced at STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore. © Han Sai Por - STPI. Photo courtesy of the Artist and STPI.

Other projects in the series include Grey Project’s Stranger Still that considers our infrastructures of care in these times of estrangement; as well as STPI’s Strange Forms of Life comprising works by STPI artists and other prominent Singaporean artists such as Han Sai Por, Kim Lim and Suzann Victor.

With so many fresh, exciting initiatives and exhibitions to be rolled out from now till next year, Singaporeans will truly be spoilt for choice. Not to mention the fact that the shows are made more accessible since virtual and physical options are available. Now all that’s left to do is to check out the full line-up here and mark your calendars.

Proposals for Novel Ways of Being runs from now till February 2021. More information available here.