Shakespeare’s Globe to return with three plays and an Audience Choice performance

The power is potentially yours at the next Shakespeare’s Globe, if you choose to accept. From Sep 10-15, the London-based theatre company will make its return to Singapore, performing three of Shakespeare’s stage plays at the Victoria Theatre.

Known for its experimental theatre style, Shakespeare’s Globe will also be bringing back the titillating Audience Choice performance, for keen theatregoers to preside over the choice of play for one special evening. This year, the chosen trio—Pericles, The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night—will focus on the themes of refuge and displacement.

, Shakespeare’s Globe to return with three plays and an Audience Choice performance

A seemingly seldom staged play, Pericles (Sep 11 and 13) tells the story of the prince of Tyre, whom, during a vicious pursuit, is forced to flee his own kingdom. Some have deemed the play as one of the more peculiar works of Shakespeare, but we’ll let you be the judge. Meanwhile, The Comedy of Errors (Sep 12 and 14) is a case of mistaken identity. Two pairs of twins, both separated at sea, are left lost in a city with a reputation for sorcery. Chaos ensues as problems unfold; this farcical comedy will leave you in tears, especially if you are one for slapstick humour.

Probably the most well-known of the three, Twelfth Night (Sep 14 and 15) is famous for its many referenced quotes and repertoire of songs. Surprisingly ahead of its time, this drama-comedy is a love triangle complication set admist cross-dressing and squabbles. Want more? On opening evening, take your pick and fight it out with fellow theatregoers for what shall take the stage on Audience Choice night (Sep 10).

Shakespeare’s Globe will take place Sep 10-15 at Victoria Theatre. Tickets start from $88 and are available here.