Check out pieces by Amanda Heng, Ong Kim Seng and more

It’s not everyday that you get to see the artworks of five Cultural Medallion recipients all in one place, but the STPI Gallery will now be giving you the opportunity to do so.

From now till Nov 15, check out the Robertson Quay gallery’s Annual Special Exhibition 2020 named Shaping Visions that’s happening to showcase works by these famed artists. That includes seminal performance artist Amanda Heng; late master of Chinese ink Chua Ek Kay; pioneering collage artist Goh Beng Kwan; leading sculptor Han Sai Por and even renowned watercolour painter Ong Kim Seng.

A newly-opened, physical exhibition, this year’s Shaping Visions is held to gather each artist’s depictions of natural and built environments while shedding light on personal reflections towards an evolving society.

But besides bearing print-based works produced during their respective residencies at STPI, the comprehensive showcase also spotlights each artist’s distinctive style and command of materials. So look forward to checking out some of the pieces you may have already heard about such as Heng’s Another Woman series which explores the bond between Heng and her dialect-speaking mother or even Han’s intriguing Flora.

Meanwhile, Ong’s watercolour paintings offer a look at Singapore’s shifting landscapes as Goh portrays abstracted spaces and movements in collage and painting. Chua’s inks of nature and the city are tranquil scenes that will inspire art enthusiasts too. 

An invitation to audiences to consider these works in a contemporary climate instead of separately, Shaping Visions also seeks to provide a space for envisioning new realities and ways of experiencing the world around us.

Apart from artworks, the Annual Special Exhibition at STPI will be supported by a diverse range of public programmes such as tours, workshops, and artist talks. Unmissable events to keep an eye out for include the virtual dialogue between Amanda Heng and Joyce Toh as well as a collagraphy workshop inspired by the works of renowned collagist Goh Beng Kwan.

Get excited to start appreciating artworks in person again.

Shaping Visions happens now till Nov 15 at the STPI Gallery. More information available here