Discuss nationhood and politics in this riveting show set during the '60s and '70s

It’s truly a blessing to be able to head back into theatres this Phase 3. Luckily for us, local theatre troupes are not disappointing with their exciting early 2021 programmes and line-up either.

Besides the upcoming productions at Wild Rice and returning festivals, not-for-profit theatre company The Second Breakfast Company is also unveiling The Singapore Trilogy from Mar 11-21.


Discussing nationhood and politics during the early years of Singapore’s independence, this new spin on three original plays actually integrates three stories from Are You There, Singapore? (1974), One Year Back Home (1980) and Changi (1997). All written by Robert Yeo, the long-time poet and playwright is one of Singapore’s pioneers of English-language literature.

Having worked with Yeo for nearly two years, this production by the local troupe comes at a time when the 2020 general election is still fresh on the minds of Singaporeans.


Set during the late 1960s-1970s, The Singapore Trilogy follows the stories of two siblings and a close friend—Chye, Hua and Fernandez—first as international students in London before returning home to participate in politics with opposing ideologies.

And between all the political detention and personal entanglements, will and friendships are put to the test, which begs the question: what are we prepared to compromise for the sake of our ideals and loved ones?

Although history and plays are revisited, the piece should not be mistaken as a rehashing of past events, but instead a means to challenge and raise questions about domestic politics.

The show even offers deleted scenes from original manuscripts, new writing and a revised ending in consultation with Yeo.

Starring fresh faces including actor Shrey Bhargava and Casidhe Ng, as well as actress Ong Yi Xuan, look forward to seeing these young, vibrant bunch do the original plays justice in this refreshed, riveting one.

Catch The Singapore Trilogy when it runs at Stamford Arts Centre Black Box from Mar 11-21. More information available here.