And a familiar face returns to restage her gripping work

Catch a myriad of original plays written by new playwrights at The Wright Stuff Festival, happening Oct 10-Nov 3. Helmed by Singapore’s bilingual theatre company Toy Factory Productions, the festival aims to develop aspiring playwrights and take their works from script to stage.

Returning after a one-year hiatus, The Wright Stuff Festival 2019 will be collaborating with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, which will see the school’s final-year theatre students performing in three new stagings. Also returning to open the festival is Most Promising Playwright of The Wright Stuff 2017, Gina Chew, with a professional staging of her play, Permanence.

Permanence by Gina Chew  

First performed at The Wright Stuff Festival 2017, playwright Gina Chew has since revisited her play, adding some local elements to it, while reshaping and developing the relationships between characters. Expect an elevated performance of Permanence, which re-tells the story of Blanche, who is at a crossroads, dealing with the consequences of being in various toxic relationships. Oct 10-13

Ashes, Ashes by Rajukumar Thiagaras  

In playwright Rajukumar Thiagaras’ endeavour to represent minorities, Ashes, Ashes, is one that features a majority of Indian characters. A play about elderly Indian lady Janaki and the recount of her heart-wrenching childhood stories upon visiting her childhood home, Ashes, Ashes delves into heavy topics such as trauma, grief and loss. Oct 17-20 

Random Access Memory by Mark Cheong  

In Random Access Memory, several computer parts possess sentient minds. RAM and Gig, both conventional computer memory storage units, come alive to decide what memories of a dead boy should be kept. As the computer parts become divided on the impossible task, they learn the significance of legacies and what it means to be human. Oct 24-26

The Puppet King by Titus Yim (Mandarin)

Think Toy Story, but with philosophy thrown in. Inspired by another script about a toy shop found in playwright Titus Yim’s secondary school archives, The Puppet King explores existentialism through five defective toys who are very much alive, only to discover that their toy store is about to be demolished. Nov 1-3