Take a peek into her inspirations from an earlier decade

It's been almost three years since National Gallery presented Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow. The massive, polka dot-filled exhibition became the center of attention for all social media fiends, with no Instagram feed left untouched by the Japanese artist's visionary (she is known to literally see visions of dots) works.

True fans of hers will be glad to know that Mucciaccia Gallery, found within charming arts enclave Gillman Barracks, is set to showcase Kusama's pieces in Singapore once again come March 27 for three months. This time, the spotlight will be put on the signature sculptures from her Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello)! series that was first presented in Tokyo's Mori Art Museum in 2004.

The exhibition features works of hers that came from an earlier time in her life. Find also works on paper that she created between 1951 to 1981, when her trademark infinity polka dotted aesthetics were already birthed, and see how they inspired her artistic ideas for the next six decades.

This highly curated selection of 28 paintings, sculptures and work on paper is unlikely to be a snapfest like how Life is the Heart of a Rainbow was, but that's why the introspective among you are more likely to enjoy this one.

Feel free to update your social feeds of course, but remember that it's more important to feed your artistic side by getting a rare glimpse into the earlier manifestations of this celebrated artist.

More info on Mucciaccia Gallery's exhibition on Yayoi Kusama's works, starting Mar 27, here.