10 Daughters will even feature live performances by the artist Jereh Leung

There is no shortage of interesting performances and exhibitions this July, but here’s a brand new showcase art and theatre enthusiasts should mark their calendars for.

Taking place at Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Film from Jul 23-24, the interdisciplinary presentation 10 Daughters is essentially a exhibition-cum-performance that explores liberation, domestic labour and womanhood.

Set in the Chapel Gallery of Objectifs, the programme temporarily transforms the site of a former church and all-girls school into a vessel bearing personal, generational stories passed down to the artist, Jereh Leung.

Contemplative yet spirited, 10 Daughters will offer accounts from the artist’s memories of growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But the project doesn’t just draw inspiration from childhood experiences with a baby boomer mother, it also aims to ruminate on concepts including domestic labour and femininity across time and generations.

And it gets even more exciting as the artist, Leung himself, promises to make appearances in the two days to perform within a shared space.

So just take it to Objectifs this weekend to check out the fascinating showcase that weaves together installation, performance, sound and lighting.

Tickets are available here. More information available here.