Keep your eyes peeled for special installations located all across the museum

Stay cultured even as you stay in Singapore this August. ‘Cause on Aug 6, National Gallery Singapore will be unveiling yet another exhibition, and this time, it’ll feature the works of renowned British sculptor Antony Gormley.

Happening as part of the new Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden commission, this year’s works will be further complemented by additional sculptures that trace four decades of Gormley’s practice. Placed at key locations around the Gallery, these site-specific exhibits will be able to connect with audiences within their unique surroundings.

So look forward to discovering Gormley’s extensive body of work at the eponymous exhibition, as the showcase draws upon a range of traditions and ideas including Buddhist sculptures and philosophy, minimalism and quantum physics.

Antony Gormley
47 rings of 23 mm square section aluminium tube and stainless steel spigots
Ring diameter varying from 2 to 5.5m
© the artist


In fact, many of Gormley’s works will encourage visitors to focus their attention on their own movement and perception in relation to the surrounding space. In the new commission, Horizon Field Singapore, visitors can step into a matrix of intersecting metal and take part in a spatial experience that continually shifts as they walk through it.

For more context, visitors can also check out Gormley’s earlier sculptures including Sense (1991), Close V (1998), and Ferment (2007). In their own ways, the sculptures question the relationship between the human body and space. These works can be found throughout the Gallery’s iconic buildings, alongside important works of art from Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Ferment (2007)

So head down to National Gallery Singapore for a look at these incredible pieces of art. Besides the showcase, also enjoy a number of interdisciplinary programmes taking place within the exhibition duration including talks, tours and performances like Resonates With: Fauxe—where local producer and pianist Fauxe performs solo piano improvisations inspired by Gormley’s sculptures.

Admission to Antony Gormley is free. More information available here.