The virtual dressing room for your walls

Here’s the issue with buying pieces of art: Unlike clothes that you can take to a dressing room before making your purchase, you never know what paintings and prints would look like on the walls of your home until it gets installed. Size, colour and textures play a gargantuan role in selecting an appropriate work of art to feature on your wall, and far too often do mismatched artworks end up in the back of a thrift store.

While picking out art online may be convenient, the problem is exacerbated when there is no chance for a live preview. With this in mind, online gallery and art consultancy The Artling has launched an augmented reality (AR) feature on their self-titled app, designed to take the accessibility of its online catalogue to a new level.

The introduction of this feature gives users the opportunity to place virtual versions of the selected artworks on their walls to-scale, in real time. Augmented reality aids in the human perception of blending digital elements into the real world, and in this case, testing out the compatibility of an art piece against the space to be filled—minus the commitment.

The catalogue boasts an extensive gallery of artworks from over 2,500 artists, so there's no shortage of prints for every eye.

To use the feature, simply align the indicator dots in the built-in camera function of the app with the placement of your wall, then drag around your virtual piece within the selected area. The Artling also takes details into account; go closer and textural details are also rendered in the preview.

The Artling has always been one to test the boundaries of technology and incorporate them with art and design for the comfort of their clients. And even if you’re not looking to purchase a $2000 painting just yet, perhaps you’ve wondered what fine art might look like adorning the barren spaces of your home. Now you'll know.

The Artling app is available on the App Store for iOS devices.