Be sure to catch Wild Rice’s final three shows of the 2022 season

After a much-anticipated reopening of theatrical productions this year, we finally got to taste the pleasure of immersing ourselves in a world staged to engage our emotional elements. Having already warmed the space within The Ngee Ann Kongsi Theatre at Funan with our laughter, love, and tears, Wild Rice looks forward to the the final three shows of their 2022 season.

Forging ahead stronger then ever with their signature flair and flamboyant masterpieces, don’t miss out on their closing productions this year as the acclaimed company takes on some of the most iconic titles yet.


, Be sure to catch Wild Rice’s final three shows of the 2022 season


Staging from 18 Aug, Wild Rice reimagines George Orwell’s Animal Farm. An award-winning production celebrating its 20th anniversary with this presentation, this powerful adaptation by Ian Wooldridge made waves and headlines under the keen direction of Founding Artistic Director Ivan Heng when it premiered in 2002, putting Singapore on the world map as it travelled through festivals in Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. True to the essence of Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm may have taken on a vibrant, contemporary identity à la Wild Rice, but it still reminds us of the corrupting influence of power and socio-political instability in this age of unrest, inequity, and a literal pandemic.


, Be sure to catch Wild Rice’s final three shows of the 2022 season


Come 15 Sep, catch the world premiere of award-winning playwright Alfian Sa’at’s Pulau Ujong / Island at the End, a riveting documentary theatre that confronts the ongoing climate crisis through a Singaporean lens. Pulau Ujong was one of the earliest recorded names for Singapore, taking us right back to the beginning as Sa’at reconnects us with the wonders of the world around us and brings us on a heartfelt journey to re-examine our relationship with Nature. Directed by the visionary Edith Podesta, Pulaiu Ujong is the fruit of research and interviews with climate scientists, botanists, zoologists, environmental historians and activists.


, Be sure to catch Wild Rice’s final three shows of the 2022 season


Rounding off the year from 17 Nov onwards, Wild Rice presents their spectacular, family-friendly Pinocchio, a brand new musical about the globally recognised puppet – the puppet who yearns to become a real boy. This Singaporean adaptation of the classic Italian fairy tale is an all-around celebration of family, friendship, and the importance of honesty and being true to yourself. A timely welcome to the end-of-year festivities, this hilarious and heartwarming musical reunites playwright Thomas Lim, lyricist Joel Tan, and composer Julian Wong, alongside a stellar cast of veterans led by Mae Elliessa, Ebi Shankara, Siti Khalijah Zainal, and Dwayne Lau, under the direction of the brilliant Pam Oei.


So mark your calendars – public tickets to all three shows will be available from 04 Jul onwards! Grab your tickets from 04 – 20 Jul to enjoy a 15% Early Bird discount on all Category 1 and 2 tickets.


For more information, head over to Wild Rice’s official website here.