A charming musical that prances its way into our hearts through a curious little mouse's journey

It’s been 2 years since the current pandemic upended our lives. As the world struggles to get back on its feet, we’ve also been witnessing the aftermath of an extended period of disconnect, displacement, and paranoia.

As a society, human touch and connection have never been so sorely missed. In a campaign to encourage kindness and empathy towards Singapore’s migrant workers, Gateway Arts presents Behind the Wall, a new digital production that highlights messages to embrace diversity and inclusivity, and to extend kindness to the people we come across.



Away from home and loved ones, it’s no surprise that migrant workers have taken the harshest blow dealt by the closing of international borders.

Using “the wall” as a running motif that represents social divide, Behind the Wall throws the theme of segregation into the spotlight, constantly questioning the true basis behind such division. As we follow a young mouse’s curiosity, a picture of unfounded discrimination surfaces amidst the comedy.



This production is a musical that displays a charming simplicity in its portrayal. Tackling heated social topics like xenophobia and migrant communities with a tone of child-like innocence brings down the walls within the hearts of mature audiences. It strips away the additional argumentative discourse that so often distracts us from a fundamental consideration for other human beings.

More than just a funny musical, Behind the Wall is clearly reminiscent of classic children tv programmes, educational in their content. As they evoke warm smiles of familiarity, they also open our hearts to the very real messages they convey.



This heartwarming story of a curious little mouse seeking answers in an adults’ world is a short and sweet visual spectacle that is effective, not overly cliche, and very wistfully tender in its treatment.

The young cast also puts up a good effort in their performance, which only makes Behind the Wall that much more endearing.

Running from now  31 Dec, take just a little time to catch Behind the Wall – it’ll brighten your day and bring you back to the simple things that matter in life.


Available to stream on SISTIC Live. Grab your tickets here.