A debut exhibition by Jessica Emmett, featuring new creations and event-exclusive collectibles

A pop culture gathering ground, BLAXK by ActionCity was set up with a goal to engage and connect with the community through their art and collectibles. Following a series of successful exhibitions since, BLAXK is back with another meaningful show.

The debut exhibition of art toy designer and prolific illustrator, Jessica Emmett, Show Your Eemo hopes to reach out to the public in a bid to encourage greater awareness and interaction with mental health. As the driving theme behind the exhibition, Show Your Eemo lists the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) as their key non-profit beneficiary, and has pledged part of the proceeds from the event-exclusive Eemo Cloud figures to the organisation in support of their work towards helping people who struggle with mental health issues.



Known for her creature design and expressions inspired by personal mental health experiences, Jessica’s created the Eemo Cloud character in 2020, right as we enter the Circuit Breaker phase. Her character’s depressed but hopeful disposition is now more poignant than ever as the pandemic leaves us in an extended state of disconnect.

Show Your Eemo will see BLAXK transformed into an immersive world, from a custom signature exterior mural designed by Jessica, to a showcase of her key archival pieces in both 2D and 3D displays. The exhibition will also see the launch of three of her latest toy creations – the Spider Bear, Texture Montster - Break, and Centaur - Merry Go Round x Jessica Emmett.

40 pieces of the highly collectible hand-painted Eemo Cloud figures will be specially produced by BLAXK to commemorate the exhibition, available for sale as an event-exclusive at the gallery.



In support of Jessica’s work, 19 talented local and international artists who have directly impacted her art toy career have also contributed their own custom Eemo Cloud pieces to the exhibition. Using a blank 3D mold of Eemo Cloud, each artist drew from their own inspirations and signature styles to address social themes like inclusivity and mental wellness.

These one-of-a-kind custom pieces will be available for sale through an online blind bid system. Interested collectors can submit their interest online from 28 Mar. Be sure to look out for further details on BLAXCK’s and Jessica’s social media pages.

In tandem with the exhibition, Jessica will also be hosting workshops where participants will get to learn the creative process of art toy design and customise their own Eemo Cloud figures.


To find out more about BLAXK and Show Your Eemo, head over to their FaceBook page here.