Vulnerable is a one-woman show revealing the realities of freelance life

It’s safe to say that the current pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, but for one particular creative, this is especially true.

Now, hear from young freelance artist Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips as she works with Checkpoint Theatre to launch her new autobiographical podcast on Jun 17 to take locals through her journey of navigating the pandemic while living with congenital heart disease.

Named Vulnerable, this eight-part series reveals the realities of freelance life as Phillips discusses her tumultuous year with deeply personal revelations. In each 15mins episode, listeners are offered a moving and introspective understanding of how life has changed and adapted amid the ongoing chaos.

For instance, audiences can expect to hear how her gigs got cancelled when the virus reached our shores in 2020, as well as her newly-acquired tour guide license which was rendered useless. Furthermore, given her health condition, close contact with others could put her at dire risk.


A compelling yet witty account that sheds light on the invisible struggles faced by even the best of us, Vulnerable holds a mirror to society, inviting all to consider our efforts in keeping one another safe.

Says Phillips: “If there was ever a time to admit vulnerability, it would be in a global pandemic.”

Vulnerable will be available for listening Jun 17 on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, with two episodes released every two days.

More info here.