Could have been an alternative to NDP, perhaps

Fried rice paradise, Nasi Goreng very nice.

A familiar jingle even the millennials can identify with; you can soon catch songs from Fried Rice Paradise and other famous musicals at Dick Lee’s upcoming concert titled Singapopera on Aug 25-26, which will be featuring songs from all his best and well-known musicals. 

Singapore is no stranger to Dick Lee’s presence in the local music scene, with his composition of widely loved National Day songs (yes, back when they were still good) like “Home” and “We Will Get There”. But beyond writing for top asian singers, his passion in writing musicals has also spurned the creation of staged productions such as Fried Rice Paradise, Nagraland, Beauty World and Snow Wolf Lake. In celebration of the latter two’s 20th and 30th anniversary respectively, this concert wants to pay tribute to all his local works, and aims to be accessible to the young and old alike. 

The all-star cast fronting the show consists of powerhouse Alemay Fernandez, Broadway Beng's Sebastian Tan, radio personality Denise Tan and actor-writer Dwayne Lau. Lasalle graduate Frances Lee will also join newcomer Benjamin Chow and rising star Cheryl Tan as they continue to stir up a storm in the local theater scene. An all-Singaporean cast for a uniquely Singaporean show? We're feeling the patriotism (just a little).

Catch Singapopera at 7.30pm on Aug 25, or 5pm on Aug 26 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets range from $58-138 and is now available for sale here