But #SaveDeck is still far from over

It’s official: Photography gallery DECK’s new permanent home at Prinsep Street is well underway.

Built in 2014, the one-stop venue for photography arts housed over 400 activities and received over 12,000 visitors, in addition to supporting the development of new works from local artists.

Constructed from 20 modified shipping containers, the popular arts centre held a temporary structure license for the last six and a half years which entailed its demolition in Mar 2021.

With DECK’s container structure reaching the end of its lifecycle, the founders decided to take the opportunity to stay at Prinsep Street and create a brand new space to cement its name as an independent arts space. There came the #SaveDeck campaign in 2020, which began raising funds for a new and permanent building plan on the very same grounds following the looming demolition.


Today, DECK’s container space is no more, and work has begun on its new home.


In the next 15 months, DECK will undergo a major transformation. With a vision to push the boundaries of photography, media-ready galleries will be constructed to house year-round curated exhibitions spotlighting local and international photographers.


Besides building a Black Box for the exploration of new ideas in film and digital arts, the sparkling new gallery will feature a library of photo books that will offer a research studio for writers and artists alike.

Expected to be completed in 2022, the new DECK site will be a communal arts space for all to gather in the name of photography, serving as a platform for emerging and established artists. It will also welcome the public and embrace diversity in the community.

But don’t go tossing the confetti just yet; #SaveDeck is still far from over. To help the photography arts organisation continue building the space it deserves, make a donation via their giving.sg campaign page here. Any amount will go a long way in supporting DECK, as well as local creatives.

In fact, just consider this your chance to be part of a meaningful community project which you will be able to visit in due time.

More information on DECK and #SaveDeck here.