Featuring new photos and a look behind the mysterious veil that surrounds Japan's geisha

Back by popular demand, the Asian Civilisations Museum is back with a special expanded exhibition of Russel Wong in Kyoto.

ACM offers another opportunity for visitors to explore Japanese art and culture through the exhibition’s iconic black-and-white prints that capture Kyoto’s unique landscapes and geiko community.



Following a successful 6-month showcase as part of a double-billed exhibition, ACM presents a new standalone show that offers us a peek into the vault of Russel Wong's treasured collections.



Featuring 37 never-before-seen prints, this expanded edition of Russel Wong in Kyoto presents an intimate look into Japanese customs, such as the geikos’ hour-long makeup process, and the traditional practice of ohaguro – intentional teeth blackening that signifies a coming-of-age.



Discover the life, traditions, and daily sights of Japan's elusive geishas through mesmerising behind-the-scene glimpses into their colourful world. 

Russel Wong in Kyoto is ongoing from now – 10 Apr 2022.


For more information, visit ACM’s website here.