Snap away at this whimsical exhibit

There is now a whimsical, geo-modular structure located at lifestyle destination Downtown East, and in case you were wondering what it was, we’ve got you covered.

The installation is actually an artwork that invites the public to enter and visualise various perspectives. Conceived by Space Objekt studio’s Tina Fung and artist Aeropalmics (Dawn Ang), Wave Hello is the latest installation to set foot in Downtown East, following the successful six-month exhibition of Lite On! last year.


At this highly Instagrammable creation, feel free to explore new ways of seeing—the unique optical perspectives seen via this exhibit is meant to remind people of the joys of discovering unexplored spaces.

Be sure to visit the installation at various times of the day too, as the artistic piece becomes illuminated at sundown, a sight not to be missed.

Wave Hello is now on display. Admission is free.

More information available here.