Embark on a digital exploration of Singapore’s heritage at DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase

If you’ve ever been curious about the origins of tutu kueh (a steamed rice flour snack with filling) or wondered how antique jewellery would look on you, check out DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase.

Featuring a host of bite-sized fun and innovative digital offerings, the showcase proves that learning about Singapore and its cultural heritage does not have to be boring. It is part of National Heritage Board (NHB)’s efforts to create more heritage touch-points for Singaporeans, created by artists, technologists, culture professionals and the local community.

Videos, interactive quizzes, puzzles and more
Back to the tutu kueh. Join chef Willin Low of Relish restaurant as he uncovers the evolution of the snack with Madam Tan from Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake. Discover interesting stories and learn about the dedication that goes into the making of the kueh. Other mouth-watering digital treats include a video recipe series that reimagines Singapore artefacts as delicious baked good, and an animated Peranakan recipe book.

, Embark on a digital exploration of Singapore’s heritage at DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase
Chef Willin Low and Mdm Tan Bee Hua from Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake (Credit: Psxcharmaine Studio)

Augmented reality (AR) filters and interactive games up the creative ante at this showcase. Try your hand at Amoy Street, an 8-bit role-playing game by Elizabeth Ang where you have to help the character Ah Cheng make her way back from the 1960s to present day. Then find out what you’d look like as a wealthy Perankan woman or a Qing dynasty royal as you don Asian Civilizations Museum’s fashion and jewellery masterpieces through interactive Instagram filters.

Amoy Street
Amoy Street, A Pixel Role-Playing Game (Credit: Elizabeth Ang)

Other digital offerings include puzzles, interactive quizzes, audio tours of local neighbourhoods, virtual museum journeys using AR, and 360-degree archival images for an immersive history lesson.

Discover the showcase here.