It is also Southeast Asia’s first official graffiti Hall of Fame

The vibrant neighbourhood of Kampong Gelam has long been known for its fascinating cultural landmarks and gorgeous street art, but things have now gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Launched on Apr 28, the brand new graffiti Hall of Fame is Singapore’s largest open-air gallery and the first official space in Southeast Asia to allow artists to paint freely and legally. Spanning Bali Lane and Ophir Road, the new initiative is inspired by the precinct’s role in nurturing the local street art scene.


In fact, a total of 17 Singapore-based artists have already unleashed their creativity on some prominent five-metre tall walls over a collective 230-metre stretch within the space.

Simply admire awe-inspiring masterpieces when strolling down the streets of Kampong Gelam, as eye-catching murals like The Journey and Constant Elevation can be spotted from afar. While The Journey is a visual mashup of the precint’s past and present, Constant Elevation is a collaborative piece by prolific artists ANTZ, Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu and Hegira.

Amazingly, the murals and artworks have been created upon metal noise barriers which were originally erected in response to the ongoing construction work in the district.


Visitors who’d like to learn more about the artworks and Hall of Fame @ Kampong Gelam can also easily access the microsite by scanning the QR codes which will accompany each art piece.

Furthermore, the organising One Kampong Gelam has also announced plans to offer exciting activities such as self-guided walking tours, artist-led spray-painting workshops and more.

Just keep up with the project and its upcoming initiatives here.