Check out unique mixed media installations at Cyborg Thinks

An all-new collaborative art exchange project has taken place between Singapore and South Korean artists, and it’s time to witness the fruits of their labour.

Opening at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre from Jun 26-Jul 27, the showcase will explore avant-garde and dynamic ways of cross-cultural collaboration in times of uncertainty. Named Cyborg Thinks, the display of contemporary art will examine everyday human experiences and issues that may go unnoticed in today’s contemporary world.

The process-driven collaboration which commenced as a fictional digital broadcasting station where artists shared and transmitted their encounters, research and observations digitally has since culminated in a two-part exhibition happening in both cities.

Credit: Jaxton Su

The Ulsan edition of the exhibition is currently ongoing at the newly established Jangsaengpo Culture Depot and will be showing till Jun 30, while the exhibition here in Singapore opens to the public in Yishun.

So check out a series of artworks and installations which showcase research and exchanges that work against geographical barriers, and discover a different city through a different lens.

Exhibition highlights, for instance, include Singaporean artist Lynette Quek’s reminiscence blur, 2021; Jaxton Su’s Tropical Reveries - a place for everyone, 2021; as well as Korean artist Jieun Gu’s Docking Space, 2021.

In Tropical Reveries - a place for everyone, Su questions the need for an ever-changing urban environment as he delves into the impacts of rapid development through a video installation. In that same vein, Quek sheds light on the evolution of our everyday landscapes and its negative strain on the environment in a two-part video series.

So for an art exhibition that transcends physical and virtual realms, check out this unique showcase. Perhaps a field trip to Yishun this weekend is just what your crew needs.

More information available here.