In partnership with the talented individuals from Mouth Foot Painting Association

Constantly at the forefront of putting power back in the hands of the less fortunate, Limitless announces a new virtual auction that seeks to spread mental health awareness and garner funds for youths at risk.



Working with the Mouth Foot Painting Association (MFPA) this year, the auction will put up works by individuals from the MFPA who have pledged a percentage of their proceeds to Limitless in support of their youth mental health outreach programmes.



Painting with brushes held in their mouths or feet, these tenacious artists are proof that disabilities do not define a person. Their refusal to succumb to the circumstances that have rendered them unable to use their hands are nothing if not inspirational.



The 5 artists from MFPA whose paintings will be showcased are Zhang Kaini, Christina Lau, Aaron Yeo, Kok Tuck Chong, and Janetta Tan. They were left paralysed after various accidents but have come to be powerful reminders of hope and the strength of human will.

Happening from 4 – 14 Mar, interested bidders may head over to 33Auction’s website and start bidding for any of the artworks from the 4th onwards. These bids need not be limited to artworks by MFPA artists.


For more information on Limitless and their cause, visit their website here.