From plays set against the backdrop of a game of Dungeons & Dragons to hilarious stories about a cult of sea monster worshippers

All about the art of storytelling, Checkpoint Theatre’s upcoming season is a breath of fresh air, and we don’t say this lightly. ‘Cause as we begin navigating the second half of 2021, the theatre experts are aiming to produce a whole slew of content which spans plays, books and digital experiences—guaranteed to enthrall local audiences.

First, catch a heartwarming story conceived by artist Adib Kosnan, as commissioned by Esplanade and co-directed by Claire Wong and Joel Lim. Coming Sep 29, the production will take to the virtual stage as a reimagined, digital theatrical experience, providing a unique perspective of this amusing, endearing peek into how a new son-in-law affects the established lives of a Singapore Malay family.


Then, be sure to check out a brand new comic book release, a true testament to Checkpoint Theatre’s creative spirit. Following the success of titles such as Putu Piring and Through the Longkang #1 by artist Myle Yan Tay and illustrator Shuxian Lee, the continuation and conclusion of the three-part Through the Longkang series will arrive to chronicle the journey of paranormal adventurers Fishball and Brick.

Also happening in September is the debut of Rebranding for Sea Monsters, a ridiculously hilarious piece that displays artist Luke Somasundram’s flawless comedic flair and illustrator Ethan Sim’s vibrant illustrations via a tale of a local advertising firm’s bid to secure their latest client: a cult of sea monster worshippers.

Finally, the year will close with Checkpoint’s first comic anthology Shape and Space, which goes into childhood fun, adventure but also familiar life issues; as well as Session Zero, a brand new play written by actress and radio personality Jo Tan. Set against the backdrop of a game of Dungeons & Dragons, the latter will see an estranged couple fighting for the fate of their marriage.

So there you have it. Checkpoint Theatre’s exciting, upcoming line-up of plays, books and experiences. Now all that’s left for you to do is mark your calendars and patiently await these new arrivals.

More information available here.