Join Hossan Leong, Mina Ellen Kaye and Sofia Poston on this spectacular musical journey

A leisurely trip to France may be out of the question for now, but you can still be transported to a Parisian cabaret thanks to local theatre company Sing’theatre.

Happening this Apr 14-25, the troupe will be staging its beloved No Regrets, a Tribute to Edith Piaf for its 15th anniversary, delving into the story of celebrated French singer Edith Piaf. Presented in 2007 and reprised in 2011 to rave reviews, the show will take place at the Alliance Francaise Theatre.

“This is a very inspiring story,” says Nathalie Ribette, founder of Sing’theatre and director as well as producer of the tribute.

“It is not a French story, but a universal one that will touch, move and inspire people,” she adds.

Showcasing a repertoire of 20 songs in French and English including classics such as "La vie en Rose", "The Three Bells" and "No Regrets", the performance will be hosted and narrated by actor and comedian Hossan Leong.

It will also take audiences on a musical journey through Piaf’s life in Paris, from her troubled childhood to her meteoritic rise as a singing sensation, alongside her many love affairs and emotional struggles.


No Regrets, a Tribute to Edith Piaf will feature a stellar cast too, and that includes veteran theatre talents such as Hossan Leong, Mina Ellen Kaye, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, as well as 18-year-old sensation Maya Raisha.

In addition to the accompaniment of a four-member live band, a special appearance by international star Sofia Poston, who was the first Singaporean Matilda, can be expected too.

So quickly grab your tickets to secure a seat; you won’t want to miss embarking on this fantastical musical journey that is sure to leave you spellbound.

No Regrets, a Tribute to Edith Piaf happens from Apr 14-25 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre. More information available here.