Launched by OH! Open House as part of their three-part digital art walk

It’s no secret that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. With so many of us grappling with the new normal, local not-for-profit arts organisation OH! Open House has embarked on a journey to help us explore this new reality, with an online game no less.

The latest season of OH! Open House’s three-part digital art walk, Days — and counting Season 2: The distance between usallows audiences to consider the new ways in which we now experience distance. That includes a look at how we maintain relationships or even form new ones in a socially-distanced world.

Featuring new artworks from various artists, the experience actually explores stories within the Sleeping Man’s bedroom over four episodes, similar to the first season. If you haven’t been introduced to the first season, players take on the persona of the Sleeping Man during the immersive game.


We won’t offer spoilers, but as an indication, the first episode titled Reality & Rest centered around the idea that the Sleeping Man escaped a rude awakening by playing video games.

Meanwhile, upcoming episodes include Distance Kept, Distance Bridged, where the Sleeping Man reaches out virtually to find love and companionship as physical boundaries are drawn.

Tickets to this desktop-only, point-and-click game are donation-based, so users can give as much as they like for access to the game. Just remember to give as generously as you can, as these costs do go towards supporting the local artists and arts community.

Days — and counting Season 2: The distance between us runs from now till Mar 19. More information available here.