Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us explores a post-pandemic future

It's been more than a year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is about time we give its impending aftermath some thought. 

Now inviting Singaporeans to reimagine a post-pandemic future is the new Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us public art showcase, which features outdoor artworks spanning eight nature parks in Singapore.

So from now till Jun 6, discover 14 larger-than-life exhibits along the 36km-long coast-to-coast trail, commissioned by the Public Art Trust (PAT) under the National Arts Council (NAC).

Conceptualised during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period last year, the project is a spirited response by the arts community, addressing concerns and experiences caused by the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. Stepping out of their studios and into the great outdoors, the homegrown talents responded to the NAC’s open call to offer meaningful messages of hope and resilience through art.

Having been installed progressively across Singapore, the full suite of public artworks is now available for public viewing as our country welcomes further easing of restrictions this month.


Simply check out artworks including Yellow by James Tan and Petrina Dawn Tan; inspired by Robert Yeo’s poem Those in Urban Yellow (2012), the installation is located on two sides of the Lorong Halus Bridge to draw attention to beginnings and endings—dawn and dusk.

Then there’s [ ] With Dual Possibilities by Vertical Submarine in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, which utilises keywords derived from a Yong Shu Hoong poem to invite viewers to mentally fill in the blanks.

Westsiders can also take it to Jurong Lake Gardens to check out It Takes Time by Robert Zhao Renhui and When a Tree Becomes a Forest by Ang Song Nian. Both referencing nature, the exhibits aim to provoke thought on the interdependencies between nature and men.

There are plenty more artworks to be witnessed when you embark on the coast-to-coast trail, so just set a date to navigate the eight nature parks for some wholesome, quality fun.

Rewritten: The World Ahead of Us runs from now till Jun 6 at eight nature parks in Singapore. More information available here.