Witness life-sized holographic projections at this dance exhibition in Stamford Arts Centre

At the heart of Singapore’s unique identity is our rich blend of cultural diversity and robust community spirit. Keeping that flame alive within a generation increasingly dedicated to mobile technology and social media is the National Arts Council (NAC) and their ongoing campaigns to document our beautiful inheritance while preserving our traditions.

Enter Routes: A Multi-Perspective Exploration of Traditional Dance in Singapore, a new exhibition by NAC on the evolution of Singapore’s traditional dance scene. The showcase happens now till Sep 12 at the Stamford Arts Centre (SAC).

Regardless of our roots (no pun intended), nothing gets closer to embodying our kampung spirit or connecting with our community than traditional dances. After all, the symbolic significance of movements and motions offers a window into the ways of our ancestors.

, Witness life-sized holographic projections at this dance exhibition in Stamford Arts Centre
(Credit: National Arts Council)

This latest effort by NAC employs immersive technology to engage and bring viewers on fresh journeys of discovery.

Just check out the reflections and first person accounts of six anchor artists—each representing a pillar of the local traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian dance domain. Tapping on the narratives of these influential figures, viewers will get an intimate look at the traditional practices handed down over generations; thoughts and perspectives that underlie the current traditional dance climate; and views on traditional dance in a modern environment.

As part of the immersive experience, visitors will get to learn more about the origins and transformations of traditional dance with a 20mins self-guided video journey too. Routes also boasts a 360-degree showcase with life-sized holographic mesh projections that bring traditional dance to life in front of visitors—a novel experience you won’t easily find elsewhere and one that makes the exhibition absolutely worth a visit.

More information available here.