Check out futuristic creations by emerging designers too

What is local fashion? Consider this question at Asian Civilisations Museum’s latest exhibition, #SGFashionNow.

All about exploring cross-cultural works and fashion-forward ideas by Singapore-based designers, simply head down to ACM from Jun 25-Dec 19 to view works by renowned local designers as well as our next generation of fashion creatives.

Credit: ACM

Just start by paying a visit to the ACM x TaFF section that assembles four ensembles by Singapore-based finalists of fashion design competition Singapore Stories 2020 at the ACM Lobby. Here, the creations pay tribute to the heritage of Singapore fashion while envisioning its future. Pay attention to detail—the finalists were able to adopt a broader approach by considering Singapore fashion in the context of Asia’s rich heritage.

Then, check out ACM x Lasalle, which showcases works by eight practising local designers, including established professionals Andrew Gn, Goh Lai Chan and Priscilla Shunmugam. Mounted alongside emerging designers, these works offer a snapshot of Singapore’s fashion landscape.

Credit: ACM

For instance, Singapore's cheongsam maestro Goh Lai Chan shares the same space with up-and-coming designer Hu Ruixian of Studio HHFZ, who offers one of her own interpretations of what Singapore fashion can be. Experimental works like Baelf Design’s 3D printed creation show a Singapore label’s take on the future of sustainable fashion, and its inclusion here points to the role a museum can take in supporting innovative ideas.

Credit: ACM

Says Kennie Ting, Director of ACM and the Peranakan Museum: “As an exhibition, #SGFashionNow is a first for us in many ways. It is our first display of contemporary Singapore fashion, and in typical ACM fashion, we explore creative practices in Singapore within the context of Asia’s cultural heritage.”

“It is made possible by way of a first-time, multi-party collaboration between museum, community and industry—ACM, Lasalle, TaFF, Singaporean and Singapore-based designers. It is also the first time ever that the central task of curating an exhibition has been ceded by ACM curators—in this case to the School of Fashion students, with ACM staff and Lasalle faculty providing mentorship.”

More information about #SGFashionNow available here.